Mole Scanning

Judith offers important life saving clinical dermatology. This includes skin examinations, freezing and cutting out skin lesions and mole mapping with the Molemax machine. This is especially valuable in patients with many moles and a history of previous atypical moles or a family history of melanoma. The Molemax machine is one of the most outstanding recent developments in the field of dermatology.

This new technology allows us to see 2mm below your skin. The machine also allows for storage of photos for ongoing comparison for early identification and monitoring of the changes to the skin lesions.

The use of this revolutionary MoleMAX digital scanner has shown that there are a number of early warning signs that can assist in the diagnosis of malignant skin lesions, thereby reducing guesswork and usually eliminates unnecessary skin excisions or biopsies.

The MoleMAX machine allows for very high magnification with special light frequencies to let the doctor look into the structure of the skin. This technology enables us to scan spots and moles 2mm under the skin to determine with great accuracy the likelihood of the presence of Melanoma.

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Dr Judith Budavari

Dr Judith Budavari, Dunkeld West, Johannesburg
Dr Judith Budavari, Dunkeld West, Johannesburg